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What Happens If Your Dryer Can’t Vent?

Posted on October 20, 2022

Your dryer must have a vent to push out air and heat inside the dryer. But why is dryer vent cleaning so important? What would happen if you were to hypothetically seal up the dryer vent in your Fort Worth home?

It’s worth acknowledging that this isn’t purely a hypothetical. Sometimes dryer vents can be removed. Another more likely scenario is something accidentally clogging your dryer vent, like lint.

The dryer vent serves more than one purpose, and its ability to vent is vital for multiple reasons. If something ever blocks your dryer vent, you have a few things to watch out for before you contact a Fort Worth duct cleaning expert.


Without proper venting, moisture can build up in your dryer vents quickly. Through the law of conservation of matter, all the water on your clothes has to go somewhere. That somewhere is generally in steam form through your dryer vents. And if there’s nowhere for the steam to escape, it’ll build up inside the vent or dryer.

Mold releases microscopic spores that travel through the air, all over Fort Worth. You’re likely surrounded by mold spores right now. In these small quantities, they’re harmless, but if they take root anywhere, they can become a problem. And any buildup of moisture anywhere gives these spores ample opportunity to grow. Don’t let the condensation in your dryer build up.

Dryer Lifespan

A clogged or stopped dryer vent isn’t great for your Fort Worth home’s dryer. That humidity and dust are rough on the machinery it’ll inevitably interact with. Dryer parts weren’t built to handle these scenarios, so you can imagine they tend to get worn out fast.

Carbon Monoxide

Gas dryers produce carbon monoxide to aid in the drying process. If you have an electric dryer, this isn’t something you need to worry about – but carbon monoxide-producing gas dryers are still pretty common. Without a safe outward vent, your dryer will produce a larger and larger buildup of carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is very hard to identify, making it incredibly deadly. The gas is also flammable. Don’t forget that it’s building up in a heated dryer vent, which is obviously a place where you really don’t want explosive gas. Overall, a carbon monoxide buildup is something you definitely shouldn’t have in your Fort Worth home.


One of the common consequences of a blocked dryer vent is lint buildup. Lint will constantly shed off your clothes while they dry, and not all of it will end up in the lint trap. Even when it’s venting properly, the lint in your dryer vent will build up more and more. With a proper dryer vent, you still need to get it cleared at least once a year.

If it isn’t venting properly, this buildup will get worse. You can imagine what can happen if you have a large amount of flammable lint in your dryer vent. You don’t want hot air blowing past this.

As a whole, if anything is wrong with your dryer vents, call a Fort Worth duct cleaner and have them take a look. These vents can get dangerous in the right circumstances.

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